TV is Dead?

TV is Dead? is the title of a series which began a run on Channel 4 this  morning with the observation that less people are watching each TV programme than ever before, and that the marketing people for each channel are working harder and harder to make viewers watch their channel – they say they are ‘Guiding the viewer’. Unfortunately, it also seems to be made by them, and is being broadcast in school hours – looks to me like they’re just grooming the kids to move into the industry promoting more TV promotion over content.

They seem to be too stupid to realise that they are alienating the very people they are ‘guiding’, and can’t grasp basic arithmetic – if they spew out hundreds of programmes, there is still just the same number of viewers to watch them.

These idiots are putting more and more effort into presenting their channel idents in the belief that viewers won’t see them as adverts. WRONG! They’re just adverts, waste millions, and waste everyone’s time and money (except the maker’s pay packet), and they ruin them themselves, with their interminable voice-overs. They call it ‘Brilliant Design’ – they can’t understand the concept that viewers just think it’s an irritating nuisance.

Then they fall back on ‘Talent’ – as if the only way they can get people to watch their programmes by fronting them with so-called ‘talented’ presenters, and for some reason gave a couple of pathetic examples like Ant & Dec, and Graham Norton. Why, both make me sick and I’d never watch (or ever have watched) a programme they were seen in. I wonder of the audiences would watch as happily if the channels were obliged to put a display on the screen that showed how much their ‘talented’ presenters were raking in from them while they were on screen. For example, the BBC is swelling Jonathon Ross’s bank account to the tune of £18 million over three years. Is this wally really worth £6 million a year of our TV License money? I actually have no idea how long he appears on screen, but estimate that each hour would see the little counter spinning around to accumulate between £100,000 and £130,000 for each of them. I’m sure the number’s wrong, but even if it’s out by a factor of 10, that’s still £10 k per hour – I’d like some that, thank you very much. And bear in mind he’ll be coining it in as a (spit) ‘Celebrity’, collecting  thousands of pounds simply for turning up somewhere, and letting the little people see them.

TV is Dead? would probably be a good series – if it wasn’t being made by the TV people themselves!

It’s on Channel 4, but if you watch it, you’ll see they come to the conclusion that the despite the millions and millions they spend on more and more intrusive channel idents, the viewer doesn’t give a damn which channel a programme’s on, as long as they can see the one they want. Shame that that result won’t stop them spending more and more on idents etc, and we’ll carry on until we reach the crazy position where we have 50 minutes of ident, interrupted and interfered with by 10 minutes of TV programme ‘getting in their way’!

(Remarkable, I managed to put that together without using the word ‘scum’ while referring to advertisers and celebrities… OOPS! damn!)


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