Fire the chauffeur

The punchline from one of the ads shown below for the 928 says it all…

Interesting to note (in my opinion) that Porsche’s American adverts are currently long and imaginative productions, but as inspiring as Death Warmed Up, amounting to some 3 minutes of aspiration, and no inspiration.

They don’t even bother with adverts on UK TV now. A waste of time in a country where the motorist is demonised as the Spawn of Satan, and has no money left after the Government has slapped them down with punitive fuel and vehicle taxation, and taken every opportunity to issue fines with automated camera systems.

Who really wants to drive on Britain’s roads nowadays? Especially after a certain Chief Police Officer recently let the cat out of the bag and quashed the lie that speed cameras are used as deterrents, and not revenue raisers, after calling for the installation of hidden cameras. What a plonker, out to undo the work of those that have promoted the worthy safety camera campaigns. He’s the sort of idiot that should be forced to resign for making thoughtless and stupid comments in public.

Far safer just to fire up the online video, and wallow in the past.


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