Coincidentally II

skylineCoincidentally, events transpired to write about coincidences only a few posts back, and they still seem to be doing so.

For a few weeks now, I’ve been haunted by a silver Nissan Skyline GT-R. Nothing too odd about that, other than it being fairly rare, and seeing it often, even on streets near me, was interesting. I’ve always lusted after one, but get put off by the uncertainty over their history, being imports, and of not being really sure about the modifications and tuning that may be claimed on a given car, as against what is really installed. There are also dire warning about thrashed and trashed version cleverly tarted up for resale. Add to that the insurance penalty – I recently got quoted more to insure an early Subaru Impreza than I paid for a car I bought to use as a runabout!

I had assumed the Skyline was just ‘passing through’ whenever I saw it, but amazed to discover it sitting in a driveway less than 100 m from my own home. I only saw it because I decided to walk the opposite direction, having got fed up heading out by the quickest route to ‘civilisation’, and feeling like a bit of variation. That find was only the first coincidence.

Next coincidence was the owner’s house it was parked beside, although I don’t really know them, and haven’t seen them for years, I did employ one of them many years ago. More coincidences to come…

At that time, I developed a desire to own a Toyota Supra Turbo, and had been on the lookout for a clean one for a while. I hadn’t mentioned this at work, so got a surprise when one arrived at the door, and one of my employees rolled out of it, the same one that lved nearby. No danger of me stealing it though, it was the non-turbo version, and manual. Despite what the pub-experts that never drive these cars tell you in their infinite wisdom, while the manual version do offer some fun moments, living with and driving cars like this full time is a lot, lot more enjoyable when they are autos. Then there’s the financial advantage of not having costly clutches to keep destroying with the engine power – autos really are the smart, if not the boastful, choice.

Unlike the GT-R, the Turbo Supra did arrive after a decent version turned up for sale within walking distance… another coincidence?


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