Bahrain F1

I can’t be bothered with the silliness that is floating around the edges of F1 and members of its governing bodies. Trial by the media and the intrusion of the press/media on people’s private lives has become a cancer on what was once the valuable “Freedom of The Press”, now used as something to allow papers and adverts to be sold, nothing else. The moguls in charge should have video cameras super-glued to their heads, and connected live to the internet 24/7, and let us see how squeaky-clean and virgin-white they are.

The race was more interesting that most probably give it credit for. Although there were a few notable incidents (one particular ‘brake test’ comes to mind), and we are very early in the season, the progress and end result were interesting, in so far as they were so vastly different from what we have seen so far.

Far from being a procession, or predictable, things were all over the place, and (neglecting some consistency from Ferrari) there was no clear pattern in the outcome.

The next outing will be intriguing. Will it be the same again, a odd mixture of final placings? Or will it return to what we saw as the season opened?

I have no idea, and wouldn’t even try to predict anything at this stage, but I will be watching closely to see if any pattern emerges in the result.


One Response to “Bahrain F1”

  1. Well, it depends what you mean about not being predictable. Massa had the fastest times all weekend, fastest in every section of the track in training too. He just didn’t get fastest lap, but once in the lead it was only ever going to be a Ferrari win. That’s always boring, when only one team’s cars are in the front. It’s much better to have competitors battling it out or we’ll end up with cars only overtaking at pitstops, and one team dominating at one race while a different team dominates at a different race, with the winner being the team that is optimised best for most circuits. That’s not really racing, is it?

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