Spain F1

Straight off at 150 mph, 26 G, and the result is a bump on the head and maybe concussion – not a lot one can really say about that crash.

Well, since F1 is often quoted as the source of innovation for the cars that you and I drive on the road, perhaps one might ask when we can have some F1 safety features please. Cars may be much improved on the simple tin boxes they were (not too many years ago, unless you were buying top end luxury marques), but they’re still a life-lottery if you’re accident doesn’t happen to match one of the few particular impact types that they are designed to pass for official testing purposes and certification. While these are not to be sneezed at, and are both valuable and worthwhile, the average person doesn’t realise that accidents that happen outwith those conditions might gain no benefit from these safety features, and might even be made worse by them. I’m not knocking them, just observing that there’s still plenty to be done, and to beware complacency.

As for the race, well, all I can think of is noting that the last one shook up what might have been termed as the ‘expected’ results, while this one has seem something of a return something that might be regarded as ‘expectations’.

Coming races will become more interesting as the various embarrassingly silly aerodynamic aids are discarded, and the more sensible developments start to appear.


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