Turkey F1

Funny how a habit can start, instead of forgetting about Turkey, because it wasn’t all that notable I keep thinking about.

The race was a return to what might be expected form, to me at least, and the front-runners went to the front – and stayed there. What was notable though was the example of how not only the driver, but all the contributions can come together to, perhaps not necessarily win the the race, but to lose it. Without delving into the minutiae of the day, choice of tyre compound usage order, two or three stop strategy, efficiency of pit-stop, traffic on rejoining, weather vs car setup, all are relevent, and can negate the hottest of laps by the driver, combining to put him just a few seconds too far back to make up front and pass the next car. There’s no car and driver combination on the track that pull that trick at the moment, there may be later, but it a trick that Ferrari and Schumacher could pull off in the past, coming from what appeared to nowhere and clinching a win.

Possibly more relevant to the future is the start of the disappearance of the lesser teams, and the looming arrival of the policy whereby teams will not be able to go and buy a car from one of the original manufacturing teams. The decision is being looked and reviewed by the decision makers, and may be reversed or modified, but if not, then it will ramp up the cost of joining the exclusive F1 club further still, even though they are making moves to cut costs by requiring engines and gearboxes to last for more than one race, and imposing performance and stress maximums by such things as limiting engine control systems, revs to 19,000 plus the tyre rules.

It’s still far from cheap, and the drivers are still walking away with far too much of the team’s money. They make millions off track, so should really be paying for the privilege of driving, and maybe even financing the teams, not the other way round.

Oops, and I wasn’t going to waffle much.


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