Monaco, F1

It’s all feely ever so slightly spooky this week, after my ramblings following Turkey’s race.

To recap, I’d ventured to compare McLaren and Hamilton with Ferrari and Schumacher, noting that the Ferrari combination seemed to be able to pull victory from defeat in a way that, in Turkey at least, the McLaren combination couldn’t emulate.

Of course, no sooner do I commit myself to such an observation, than I have it thrown back at me. Not only did Monaco see McLaren and Hamilton pull off such a victory (which, had it been Ferrari and Schumacher would have had endless streams of “Yet again, Ferrari and Schumacher have wiped the floor yada yada yada…” ) they really did snatch victory from the jaws of defeat as the winning strategy came after a slip in the wet that could easily have put both car and driver into retiral. They got very little praise, I think, for something that would have netter Ferrari endless stories in the pub about a great victory, and unlike criticism of Hamilton for slipping, Schumacher would have had tales of his “great skill” in minimising the damage to a mere blown tyre when the nasty wet road made his car slide away from under him – such the power of godliness.

Whether it’s down to this year’s rule changes, the teams, car design, or drivers, this year’s conclusion is anything but a foregone conclusion, and if we carry on as we are, things could be close all the way to the end, and hopefully not because some useless driver decides to do whatever he can to engineer a win for himself at everyone else’s expense.


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