Canada F1

Just noticed that these F1 thoughts are the only thing bringing me back here at the moment – that’s what happens when you get diverted elsewhere. Although it’s fair to say the the WP service/servers seem to have become very slow, and the media side has become all but useless since they revised it. Every time I try to upload and insert an image, the thing just stop dead after saving the image, and I have to go and find out the image address manually, and then insert it by hand, so it all just takes too long now.

There’s not a lot to say about Canada.

While one might anticipate anything but what was expected to happen to actually happen, with “that wall” playing a big part if anyone makes the slightest slip, the crashes that took the leaders out was one that very few might have predicted.

I do seem to be saying the same thing more often, and that’s that the current result is a bit of a break from the expected norm, and well get back to that norm next time out, but it looks as if I’m going to be saying it a few more times if things carry on after the present pattern. Or will things suddenly slot into the “expected” format all of a sudden, and we’ll see things go something more along (at least partially) predictable lines?

I don’t bet, so I’m not even going to try and answer that one, just keep watching, and see if there are any more surprises left in the box.


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