Britain F1

When I started jotting down some thoughts about each of the F1 races I didn’t think any of my ramblings would be worth referring back to, but maybe I was wrong.

One of my early thoughts was triggered by what I saw as a degree of unpredictability in the forthcoming season. For me, at least, the first few results didn’t show any dominance, and halfway through the season it seems that everything is far from predictable, and we have four drivers with almost the same points tally. What they had after the last race means nothing, as does the current tally, as the only total that will eventually matter is the one arrived after the last race.

After the last race, I also mentioned something that seemed to be absent, and that was the ability that Schumacher had demonstrated, when he and his Ferrari could take an apparently poor start in bad conditions, and turn it into a crushing race victory. Well, I have to eat my words again, as Hamilton and McLaren took a 4th on the starting grid, and a race that went in and out of the rain, and converted those two potential race losers into a win that made the rest of the grid look as if they had stopped somewhere for a tea-break.

There’s no point in dismissing that as a one-off either. Developments and strategies change from race to race, as do track conditions and even the driver’s attitude – and the current attack on Hamilton by the scumbags of the press (who remembers that there once used to be a phrase “Gentlemen of the press” in the dim and distant past?) – which means that once a team sees something work, and work well, they’ll do whatever they can to capitalise on it.

At this stage, I still wouldn’t want to bet a penny of my own hard-earned on any given outcome.

Well, maybe that Ferrari will walk off with the constructor’s trophy, that’s probably reasonably safe.


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