FIA GT fiasco at Thruxton

Just a brief mention for the appalling behaviour, and what must be some of the most lenient application of penalties as a result, at Round 9 of the FIA GT championship.

Circumstances during the race led to all the cars diving into the pits at the same time, this led to then stacking up there, and double parking. The result was that many couldn’t clear their own pit box, and get round the rear of the car stopped in front, so the teams had push their cars backwards so they could take a second cut. The only problem here was that the cars behind were simply piling up behind, and the result was that that cars were being pushed back into the car behind, while cars from behind were still moving forward, and crashing into the back of the cars being pushed back.

Now, this was all thanfully low speed stuff, but would still have cut the legs off any mechanics that might have been standing in the wrong place. Thankfully, it seemns that none were, but that doesn’t excuse either the drivers, or mechanics for that matter, who were placing the cars where they were.

The farce of it all was that, while we could see the TV coverage showed many cars hitting one another in the pit lane, and behaviour that was less than gentlemanly, it seems from the final commentary that only one team received a stop/go penalty as a result.

From what could be seen, either all, or none, should have been penalised.


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