Watching one of the Sunday morning “lifestyle” programmes this morning – yes, I have better things to do, but do stop channel surfing if I see anything remotely gadget like in someone’s grubby little paw – I was reminded of why I’ll never succumb to any of the iCrap out there, and fund Apple again. Last time was an Apple II, and look what a mistake that turned out to be. The only useful piece of software I ever ran on it was an adventure game, and I never got past the first chapter.

This morning it was a reminder at the cynical marketing ploys of their iPhone. Having launched a bit of clunky, pathetically underpowered piece of hardware and software that depended on nothing more than its looks to make it sell, they’ve now released a slightly more functional version of the thing, with proper software, storage, and network access. In fact, for the ridiculous money, all the things it should have had the day it was first launched – but that might have hurt the “second sell” aimed at the early adopters.

If it worked, it might not be so bad, but even Channel 5’s biased Gadget Show didn’t award it top spot for what it did, only its looks.

Of course, this will do wonders for their sales, and empty the pockets of the faithfull, since there’s no trade-in or upgrade route, so all the folk that have already splashed out to have the latest overpriced “must have” shiney box will have to throw them away, having had them for only a matter of months, and shell out for the newest one, or be left behind with an old-fashioned, obsoleted, uncool gadget.

Now, we all know that that’s never going to happen with the faithfull, and they’ll happily dip into their pockets, and empty them to fill Apple’s coffers to buy the newest version – and folk complain about Microsoft.


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