Sex and the Boiled Horse

In keeping with the anolgies drawn by one of my heroes on Dragon’s Den, I’d rather have my eyelids sewn open with a rusty needle threaded with rusty barbed war and have paint stripper poured on them than watch “Sex and the City”. God knows where they find the mindless zombies that must be lined up to provide viewing figures, and now we have to watch adverts sponsored by this rubbish and featuring the tarts that appear in it.

I never thought I’d have anything even remotely complimentary to say about this programme, but I’m prepared to eat my words and thank it for one of the best images I have had conjured up for me in years.

I’ve never understood what the attraction of Sarah Jessica Parker was. All I see whenever she appears on screen is big wart which, combined with the rest of her face, just makes me want to throw up – sex is the last thing her appearance bring to mind for me.

And I’m not alone…

Thanks to Jeremy Clarkson’s inspired review of Sarah Jessica Parker’s appearance, I now have his description of her as “A boiled Horse”, so I now have a mental image of her that doesn’t make me want to puke when I see her.

Thank you Mr Clarkson.

I tried to find a quote of his description on the net, but came up with this instead:

Horsey pics

Horsey pics


2 Responses to “Sex and the Boiled Horse”

  1. disgusting woman. make me wanna puke! bah!

  2. Rembrandt Q. Einstein Says:

    Well, we can call it a day then for SJP. Any ideas anyone for equally elegant definition for undescribable ugliness of Sandra Oh? Sloppy Shaman Drum? Picasso Facelift?

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