Germany F1

An intriguing twist to the driver’s championship, with what amounted to a resetting of the three top contenders at the halfway stage.

After the start, things settled down and it looked as if Ferrari were succumbing to a bad weekend with mediocre describing their best, and disappointing their next best. Unusual, and all the more so after their settings proved less than ideal in the wetness of the last race. Their next outing will show if this is a pattern, or if it’s just coincidence.

Relatively unusual, component failure ruined one driver’s day, fortunately that appears to be all that was ruined for him, but the incident provided an opprtunity for ITV’s commentators to shift into overdrive as they attempted to predict the outcome for McLaren and Hamilton.

Our guides moved from puzzlement to amazement as they tried to work out when he would pit, why he didn’t pit, how he had, or had not, lost the race as a result of pittting, or not pitting, and then decided those issues were all worthy of being forgotten, as they redicsovered the vocabulary needed to describe not one, but two overtaking maneuvres.

The maneuvres were fair, there was token defence, and I’m reminded of my earlier musings about the “old” days when schumacher and Senna were defending their championship chances, and when such maueuvres were not so keenly scrutinised by race officials, and rather than merely coming close, both challenger and defender might be found to spin out of the race.

They may not have scored any points, but by not finsihing , the leader guaranteed maintaining their lead, and the challenger got no closer.


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