Hungary F1

The Hungarian F1 race proved there’s little as uncertain as certainty.

At the start, some would have said that Hamilton was certain to take off from pole position and leave everyone behind until he passed the line and collected a win.

A few seconds later, he was certain to have a fight on his hands and would retake the lead from Massa, the latter having less fuel and running lighter, so Hamilton just had to pass around fuelling time, if his performance didn’t allow him to do soon earlier.

Sometime later, it was certain that Hamilton was not only not going to catch and pass Massa, but was going to lose his championship lead as puncture sent him to the pits and back down he places, leaving Massa certain to collect maximum points, and maybe none at all for Hamilton.

Then Hamilton spoiled things by managing to get his puncture repaired quickly and get back on track in a position that meant he’d pick up some points and maybe not drop back so far from the lead – there goes that certainty we’d had all day.

Then Ferrari had to really spoil things by giving Massa a duff engine, leaving him stranded three laps from the finish, certain only to be picking up no points at all, after spending most of the race certain to pick up maximum points.

And while he didn’t make it to the podium, Hamilton thwarted the uncertainty bug by succumbing to its effect when he didn’t win, but then beating it by retaining his position at the top of the driver’s points table, thanks to the finishing positions of his challengers.

Three weeks and no testing until they come out to play – that’s certainly going to be interesting to see what happens in this next phase of the competition, and what surprises are pulled out of the various hats as we head on the downhill stretch of this season.

I don’t really care how it goes – well, I suppose I do have a preference – and would like to see Hamilton make to the top, and rub Alonso’s nose in the title after the rat ruined last year for everyone. I don’t know how folk react to this guy, but his body language always looks suspect to me, he seems to be head bowed and hiding all the time, and I would never trust him as far as I could throw him.


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