Parisian farce

The commentators say the “Man in the street” won’t understand what is going on in F1 after Lewis Hamilton’s appeal again his demotion after the Italian race was thrown out.

Having gone to Paris to make his case, he’s then told – after making the appeal – that the matter is not appealable.

What sort of a kangaroo court to they run in Paris?

If there’s an application of a rule from a rulebook in anything but a corrupt dictatorship, then the victim has the right to appeal that decision – even convicted murderers on Death Row in America have the right of appeal against their sentence. And that can go on for decades once it’s been started!

Then again, if the rule’s an unwritten rule, and just an understanding nod and a wink that’s applied when those in control see fit, then you can’t appeal it, because there’s nothing to appeal.

I’m sure there will be more than just the “Man in the street” shaking their head after the announcement of the unappealable incident, and more that one or two faithful who will no longer be watching, and who can blame them.

As with those who were overseeing Spa, one can only wonder as to how many plain brown paper parcels are being shunted from, let’s say Italy to, let’s say France, and are wrapped over shiny red cars that can go quite fast.

There’s a house somewhere that needs to be got into order, if it expects the world to keep pouring millions into it in order to finance the luxurious lifestyles of the occupants.


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