Singapore Sepang F1

I really don’t understand the rules of F1 – after the past few races I thought I had got it, and learned that when Ferrari makes a mistake, Hamilton gets a penalty, but Sepang doesn’t seem to have got the idea.

It couldn’t have anything to do with Singapore’s dislike of imports? It might be really difficult to ship red cars over there, in plain brown wrappers from, for example, Italy.

It was odd to see Ferrari collecting a 10 second stop-and-go penalty after their semi-automatic pit release system screwed things up for them yet again. Surely it will dawn on somebody there that the idea might be good, but that they just haven’t thought it through and given it the degree of sophistication it needs in order to work, and that a human observer would still do a better job unless they make it a lot more complicated, and build in a lot more sensors if they are going to depend in it to signal the driver’s release.

Maybe Ferrari will be told their penalty is appealable, and Hamilton will get his penalty for their unsafe release of Massa in the next week or so. Maybe they will try and blame Hamiton for Raikkonen driving himself off the track and into the all on his own – again!

The night race at Sepang seemed to go well, although they really have to do something about that silly little chicane with the bricks piled up on each curve – as Raikonnen will no doubt agree.

Interestingly, nobody tried to catch and pass Alonso at the front – no real surprise there, as you can be sure that anyone that got near him would have been nerfed off the track and into the wall, as he would take no prisoners to ensure he held that position at all costs, since he’s not likely to see it very often, being considered “damaged goods” by most teams after his nonsense last year to shaft McLaren and Hamilton. Like I;ve said before, they guy’s a creep and will have to earn any trust in future, if ever.


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