Japan F1

I always used to think it was F1, and that it meant Formual One.

After Japan, the cynical might think it’s really FI, and it means Ferarri Illuminati.

After their recent perusal of the rule book, and discovery of certain, apparently unwritten rules, and a newly discovered zeal for applying them if they happen to give Ferarri an advantage, or McLaren a disadvantage, those in power in Japan were left with a quandary when Massa clearly took Hamilton out from what had to be an avoidable scenario where Hamilton was cleanly on the track with all four tyres, but Massa launched himself from a position with all four tyres off the track and arrived back in the track into the side of Hamilton’s car.

What do we do? wonder those in control.

Steady lads, calm down, have a look at the video of the start, there may be salvaltion in our new rule policy.


We’ll penalise Massa and look good…

And we’ll play the new strict rule application policy and take Hamilton out by giving him a penalty too, and cancel out the disadvantage Ferrari/Massa had to have.

Come on… do you think we button up the back? When was a driver last penalised for making someone else move during a Turn One melee? There have been near countless incidents where really bad and dangerous driving has taken car out and produced massive pile-ups as all the cars arrived at Turn One and jostled for position, and I can’t think of any that were singled out for penalties for their behaviour.

It really is time Formula One had a single group of steward/jjudges/officials or whatever that travelled with the circus and had the say over te application of the rules. I have the same thing around the country with my work, and if I had to deal with a different set of overseers at every site i worked on… I’d probably go nuts as each expressed their own opinion on final decisioins, rather had to work to a common set of rules and their application.

There’s not much to be said about the race afterwards. The relative position of the leaders wasn’t going to change much unless one of them had some sort of disaster or blow-up, or some more strange penalties were found in a hat somewhere.

I’m reminded of my thoughts at the start of the season, when I suggested that things were looking to be much less well-defined, with the results less certain than before, but after the first few races, this looked to be wrong, and things seem to settle down a bit, with a slightly more predictable pattern.

The way things are shaping up now, I think the end of the season might be reverting to the sort of uncertainty I felt was evident at the start, and there’s an increasingly random element to the possible outcome now, over and above what would result simply from the drivers racing one another.


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