Brazil F1

It’s a funny run up to the last race of the year, and I find it interesting to reflect on my opinions at the end of this year compared to last year.

Last year, I wasn’t one to worship at the holy church of Lewis Hamilton – probably not his fault, as my gut instinct was to go with the rookie winning the championship in his first year, and emulating the likes of Mansell (when he went to the States), probably the fault of the media – who kept shoving Hamilton’s face and earnings into our faces at every opportunity.

This year, after last year, and this year’s nonsense, I think I was right, and that settling behind Hamilton and ignoring all those that are jealous, have knocked him at every turn, conspired to waste his championship, was the right thing to do.

He’s not a magician, he makes mistakes, that means he’s learning. He’s criticised for his determination and tactics, yet he’s done nothing similar to the crude tactics of the likes of Senna and Schumacher, who both openly drove their competition off the road simply to ensure they didn’t score any points.

Don’t believe me? Go and read their own stories after they retired, or after they were secure, and the officials couldn’t take any action.

As for the race, the opening shower of rain before things got underway certainly raised the level of interest, and added a degree of uncertainty into what might have been fairly processional.

Then it rained at the end…

And minutes from the end Hamilton had lost the world championship…

And seconds from the end…

Hamilton won the world championship.

Job done at last.

And a word of contempt for the Brazilian crowd, who showed their nasty side throughout the weekend, to both Lewis Hamilton and his family.

They’re a disgrace to their country and should go and learn how to behave.

Pity about David Coulthard’s last race, barely survived past the first corner before he got knocked out – once again. Seems to have been the story of his last year, and I seem to recall his final year has seen him spend many races from the sidelines.


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