BTCC still on ITV – unfortunately

Seeing the F1 coverage return to the BBC last week was an event not fully appreciated until coverage of the BTCC (British Touring Car Championship) returned his week with the season opening at Brands Hatch.

The low quality showed up almost immediately with a cheap shot at F1 and the BBC when the commentator opened with reference to the races not being settled in the wind tunnel or international court.

Having had two F1 racces without the irritating distractions that the commercialised BTCC coverage suffers, it was a painful start that began almost immediately with a hard hitting musical score with a heavy beat. This is usually played too loud, drowning out commentary, and played too often. I like my music hard and loud – just not all the time and attached to everything I’m trying to hear.

Next up was the driver worship, and the endless posing and posturing of the privileged few gets a bit much, as their faces are pushed into arty intro shots at every opportunity during the opening title sequences. If you saw it once it wouldn’t be too bad, but repeated race after race it begins to make you feel sick.

Did I mention the music yet? Hammered in on each ad break as well.

Did I mention the ad breaks?

Bad enough at the best of times, every break begins and ends with a sponsor tag. Apparently some genius (presumably a highly paid consultant) thinks these are made more effective by making them “interesting” with a little animation or story of some sort. Well, that may be true (emphasis on ‘may’) it only applies once or twice, and by the end of an afternoon when these are repeated time after time after time… then they are just deeply irritating.

I don’t even know what they advertise or plug, but whatever it is, I will go to whatever lengths I have to avoid it, and go to a competing product – if I ever need whatever it is.

Don’t know how the racing went, there didn’t seem to be any time for it in between the titles, adverts, music, adverts, sponsor tags, adverts, driver whorship sessions, adverts…

Yup, ok, I’m only kidding. They did cover some of the racing, and even did it without music – the commentators could do with tranquilisers on occasion though.


3 Responses to “BTCC still on ITV – unfortunately”

  1. The ITV coverage is not that bad, I even think it can be quite good. Some of what you mentioned is valid, but not going to HiQ just because they sponsor the series is a bit ludicrous. As is complaining about the, quite frankly, excellent commentators.

  2. “not going to HiQ just because they sponsor the series is a bit ludicrous”

    You almost moved yourself out of polite reply territory with that thoughtless remark – however, unless I’m horribly out of touch with reality, it can hardly be described as “ludicrous” to express your dissatisfaction by voting with your feet and not giving them your money in order to further finance their business.

    Oh, maybe not. Sleepwalking Britain seems to spend most of its time moaning about great big evil nasty Tesco wiping out the High Street, then flocks to Tesco and all but empties its collective wage packet into the tills.

    Now, if I refused to watch the coverage because it was on ITV and largely ruined by the ad-breaks, I just might be forced to concede there was a degree of ludicrousness involved.

    As for the commentators, I’ve re-read my own blog just to be sure, and I didn’t complain about them, just the cheap shot taken at F1 almost as soon as they spoke.

    But since you’ve opened the door, when the do get a chance in between the ad-breaks, music, and diversions, they’re fine until they get excited, and would be better sent to cover horse racing at that stage. The female that runs around the pits is a huge source of joy though, as she always seems to get sent down to ask the drivers obvious questions that would win a male interviewer a sharp right cross.

    As long as whatever they do doesn’t jeopardise another 50 years of Touring Cars.

    I’m amazed – a blog lies dormant since last year, and gets a comment almost as soon as it comes to life. I wish my serious blogs were as successful.

  3. Im surpised to be honest James Allen never done BTCC commentary this year lol

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