Monaco F1

Monaco’s always a tough race to watch – there’s so much rubbish scattered around the track!

One such example could be see as Martin Brundle walked the grid and Geri Halliwell was found sticking to Formula 1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone like a piece of dirty old chewing gum sticks to the sole of your shoe, and did the same to Brundle as she hijacked his questions to Ecclestone, who barely got a word in.

The smallest grid in the world, and they don’t have people in place to keep it clear of rubbish.

There was another disappointing story that the commentators had to keep mentioning for some reason (backhander from someone perhaps) and that was the repeated mention of Lewis Hamilton’s helmet, which apparently sports a diamond encrusted feature – nothing like a bit of excess to let the world know that even if you are at the back of the grid, your paypacket is still that of the Formula 1 World Champion driver.

Remarkably, some relevant info was dispersed before the race started, as Max Mosley was interviewed and indicated that talks with the teams had reached a stage whereby the proposed £40 million cap on spending was no longer as big a point of contention as it had been in the preceding days, and that a method of implementing this was now being discussed, and the suggestion of F1 teams withdrawing, or even setting up a breakaway event, had receded.

Maybe there will be a Formula 2…

Oops, that already re-appeared this week!

We’ll see – the amount is maybe still too low to keep some happy, and the different rules for those that do, or do not, work to them will not win any friends, effectively resulting in two different forms of car running in competition, a bit like creating Formula 1A and Formula 1B. Even if they were genuinely equivalent, people/teams would still perceive one as better than the other, one as the elite, and the other as the also-rans. I suspect there is still much to be discussed, but the main thing is that they do still seem to be discussing, rather then breaking up.

They did still manage to have a race at Monaco, in between the fashion shows and posing.

Jenson Button won.


So much for my suggestion at the start of the season, when I suggested there would be no sign of any patterns appearing before the teams began to race in Europe.



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