F1 magic at Kuala Lumpar 2011

I have tried to think of Fernando Alonso as something other than a creep since his action of 2007, where he was clearly prepared to do (just about) anything to get the F1 driver’s championship away from Lewis Hamilton, and didn’t care about who he burned along the way.

It’s a waste of time, as he has shown over the years that’s he’s just a creep, and if he was standing behind me, I’d be checking my pants.

The Malaysian race was a lovely case of ‘poetic justice’ when he tried to put Hamilton out once again, and make it look ‘accidental’.

Instead of trashing Hamilton’s rear tyre by swiping it with his nose as he pulled out ‘late’ to make a pass, he only succeeded in breaking his own front wing.

He couldn’t carry on without stopping for a new nose cone, ultimately throwing him down the places.

The only down side was that Hamilton’s tyres and performance were never going to last the pace as their strategy was just not going to work, and although his rear survived the blatant attack, there was no way he would be able to capitalise on Alonso’s… error of judgement.


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