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Parisian farce

Posted in Transport, Vermin with tags , , , , , on September 27, 2008 by Apollo

The commentators say the “Man in the street” won’t understand what is going on in F1 after Lewis Hamilton’s appeal again his demotion after the Italian race was thrown out.

Having gone to Paris to make his case, he’s then told – after making the appeal – that the matter is not appealable.

What sort of a kangaroo court to they run in Paris?

If there’s an application of a rule from a rulebook in anything but a corrupt dictatorship, then the victim has the right to appeal that decision – even convicted murderers on Death Row in America have the right of appeal against their sentence. And that can go on for decades once it’s been started!

Then again, if the rule’s an unwritten rule, and just an understanding nod and a wink that’s applied when those in control see fit, then you can’t appeal it, because there’s nothing to appeal.

I’m sure there will be more than just the “Man in the street” shaking their head after the announcement of the unappealable incident, and more that one or two faithful who will no longer be watching, and who can blame them.

As with those who were overseeing Spa, one can only wonder as to how many plain brown paper parcels are being shunted from, let’s say Italy to, let’s say France, and are wrapped over shiny red cars that can go quite fast.

There’s a house somewhere that needs to be got into order, if it expects the world to keep pouring millions into it in order to finance the luxurious lifestyles of the occupants.


Ambulance chaser clones and the DPA

Posted in Venting, Vermin with tags , on February 15, 2008 by Apollo

I have a deeply entrenched disgust for, and despise those who seek to make money out of the misfortune of others, especially where that gain is made by exploiting those who have suffered in some way. There’s the further problem caused by this sort of rubbish, as it generally introduces additional costs or constraints that genuine claimants would not have had to bear had the con artists not practised their filthy art.

We already have the ambulance chasing scum that operates on a No-Win-No-Fee basis, and can afford to take the most trivial of cases to court after convincing punters that they are due compensation. As if we need the courts filled with cases such as the one where a claim was raised when some of this filth made a claim on against a shopping centre on the basis its floors were too hard, and their client had got sore feet as a result.

While the Governement deserves to be brought to account for the farcical way they take care of peoples data (especially as the keep reassuring us that we can trust them with our personal identification data that they want to place in a National ID Database to go along with their vile ID Cards, there is no excuse for legal firms to be conning individual out of their money on the basis that they are due compensation as a result of the Government’s present unacceptably poor data security.

While the information regarding the DPA (Data Protection Act), and the criteria for compensation when data is lost, is freely available on the web, it seem the scummy end of the legal business is out to make a fast buck out of this ‘opportunity’, and is offering £5.99 packs that they claims will help some of the 25 million victims of the HM Revenue and Customs data loss last year make a compensation claim.

It doesn’t take the greatest brain in the world to work out that with the business infrastructure already in place, any organisation promoting these packs will turn a tidy profit even if only a small percentage of that number of ‘victims’ is attracted, and parts with £5.99.

The beauty of the scam is that these con artists need do nothing after they have sold the pack, needing only to inform the potential claimant that there is no point in proceeding, so they don’t even need to have the staff available to follow up. And who knows, there still the potential for a little Gold Mine in amongst a potential 25 million clients, as there is a possibility that at least one will have suffered a claimable loss, so it’s win/win.

Read more at:

Consumers warned on data loss compensation packs

TV is Dead?

Posted in Adverts, TV, Venting, Vermin on January 14, 2008 by Apollo

TV is Dead? is the title of a series which began a run on Channel 4 this  morning with the observation that less people are watching each TV programme than ever before, and that the marketing people for each channel are working harder and harder to make viewers watch their channel – they say they are ‘Guiding the viewer’. Unfortunately, it also seems to be made by them, and is being broadcast in school hours – looks to me like they’re just grooming the kids to move into the industry promoting more TV promotion over content.

They seem to be too stupid to realise that they are alienating the very people they are ‘guiding’, and can’t grasp basic arithmetic – if they spew out hundreds of programmes, there is still just the same number of viewers to watch them.

These idiots are putting more and more effort into presenting their channel idents in the belief that viewers won’t see them as adverts. WRONG! They’re just adverts, waste millions, and waste everyone’s time and money (except the maker’s pay packet), and they ruin them themselves, with their interminable voice-overs. They call it ‘Brilliant Design’ – they can’t understand the concept that viewers just think it’s an irritating nuisance.

Then they fall back on ‘Talent’ – as if the only way they can get people to watch their programmes by fronting them with so-called ‘talented’ presenters, and for some reason gave a couple of pathetic examples like Ant & Dec, and Graham Norton. Why, both make me sick and I’d never watch (or ever have watched) a programme they were seen in. I wonder of the audiences would watch as happily if the channels were obliged to put a display on the screen that showed how much their ‘talented’ presenters were raking in from them while they were on screen. For example, the BBC is swelling Jonathon Ross’s bank account to the tune of £18 million over three years. Is this wally really worth £6 million a year of our TV License money? I actually have no idea how long he appears on screen, but estimate that each hour would see the little counter spinning around to accumulate between £100,000 and £130,000 for each of them. I’m sure the number’s wrong, but even if it’s out by a factor of 10, that’s still £10 k per hour – I’d like some that, thank you very much. And bear in mind he’ll be coining it in as a (spit) ‘Celebrity’, collecting  thousands of pounds simply for turning up somewhere, and letting the little people see them.

TV is Dead? would probably be a good series – if it wasn’t being made by the TV people themselves!

It’s on Channel 4, but if you watch it, you’ll see they come to the conclusion that the despite the millions and millions they spend on more and more intrusive channel idents, the viewer doesn’t give a damn which channel a programme’s on, as long as they can see the one they want. Shame that that result won’t stop them spending more and more on idents etc, and we’ll carry on until we reach the crazy position where we have 50 minutes of ident, interrupted and interfered with by 10 minutes of TV programme ‘getting in their way’!

(Remarkable, I managed to put that together without using the word ‘scum’ while referring to advertisers and celebrities… OOPS! damn!)

Rubbish Telly II

Posted in Adverts, TV, Venting, Vermin on January 12, 2008 by Apollo

After commenting on  Quality Telly, it seems only fair to comment on Rubbish Telly, again. It’s too easy to do, since most of the content can be placed into this category without too much effort, but I think it’s justified in this case since the opportunity arises from the spoiling of the subject of the Quality Telly comment, namely Secret Army.

Although Secret Army is being provided by UKTV History, the commercial side of the BBC, and we might reasonably have expected that pedigree to have spared is from the worst vices of the advertising whores, as typified by those at providers like ITV, this has failed to be the case, particularly as the third and final season of Secret Army airs. Demonstrating more interest in selling what they perceive as peak advertising space to their sponsors than maintaining the quality of the material they are broadcasting, UKTV History has all but ruined the conclusion of every episode of the final season.

Instead of wasting the programme in the usual way, by breaking it up with three or four (or five or six if you’re ITV) ad breaks in the hour, and subjecting us to the now obligatory channels ident tags glued into them as well, AND the ads that usually appear between the programmes too, they’ve chosen to completely destroy any atmosphere and tension that the closing minutes of the episode may have built up by inserting an ad break just as the episode reaches its conclusion, a matter of only a few minutes from the rolling of the closing credits.

Worse still in this particular case, and something that the even ITV has not been seen to do (yet?), the stupid voice-over that seems to have become obligatory over the closing credits, and which tells us we can see the next episode tomorrow, also tells that the next programme will be along immediately, without and ad break.

This means that they have not only chosen to spoil the closing minutes of the current programme, but that they didn’t even have to, as they haven’t sold the advertising space between it and the programmed immediately following it. They could have inserted the ads between the programmes if they had wanted to, but actually chose to break up its last few minutes for an unnecessary and unwanted, irrelevant interruption, purely placed so they could make a few more pennies.

All you can do is vote with your feet as it were, and simply not buy any of the products advertised, however this option doesn’t work for me at least, since apart from making efforts to avoid even seeing the ads, I tend not to by any of the junk products that need TV advertising, and I certainly don’t need any of the services advertised, since I manage to live my live without needing loans or accident lawyers.

How can I put it subtly?

Advertisers – scum of the earth.

Seems pretty close – not needed, and you pay for and finance them every time you buy something whether or not you want to. And they operate purely by blackmail, turning up at their client’s doors with dire warning of “If you don’t advertise, your competitors will, and you’ll lose sales – you can’t afford NOT to keep using us”! So, instead of being fired, they walk out with an even bigger contract, and prices go up again.