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Abu Dhabi F1 2010 – not so bad

Posted in Transport with tags , on November 14, 2010 by Apollo

I have to admit that I wasn’t really looking forward to the last F1 race of 2010 – most of the run up towards it had seemed to suggest that Fernando Alonso was going to be handed the driver’s championship because all the other contenders seemed to be having brain-failure, poor team management, or just down bad luck when they didn’t need it.

Somehow, Alonso seemed to have left all these negative aspects somewhere behind him in the latter part of the series.

However, the last race at Abu Dhabi turned out to be a joy to watch, as Alonso got what the deserved as payback for all the questionable things I think he has been involved in since he did for McLaren team and Lewis Hamilton in the past. I thought he was a creep then (as if any of the other teams etc weren’t doing similar, but there wasn’t action taken across the board), and although I’ve tried not to think the same ever since, his actions, and his team in support of him with various complaints and appeals against the competition, haven’t really done anything to make me think the best position to assume when near him is with my back safely jammed firmly against the nearest wall – harder to have a knife stuck in it.

Watching him stuck behind a yellow car (down in 11th, Alonso was leading Webber but could not get past Renault’s Vitaly Petrov) for a large part of the race, and unable to produce the performance or skill to pass it – or manufacture some scenario to justify ramming it off the road – made the race a damned good watch, and even his behaviour at the end, with session of fist-waving at Petrov, just confirmed my opinion of Alonso as a creep – probably even more so when he tried to laugh off his natural reaction when interviewed about his behaviour by the BBC just after the race.

Well, we can only hope 2011 goes as well for him as 2010 – and that he gets to think he has won all the way to the last race – only to have it snatched away again.

Maybe he’ll treat us to an on-screen implosion.