The Apollonian Gasket

In mathematics, an Apollonian gasket or Apollonian net is a fractal generated from three circles, any two of which are tangent to one another. It is named after Greek mathematician Apollonius of Perga It is also the limit set of a group of Möbius transformations known as a Kleinian group.Fair enough, but ‘normal’ folk think of a gasket as a seal, usually of a joint under pressure. If over pressurised, the gasket will leak, blow, or vent, releasing pressure. However, unlike a safety valve, designed to vent safely, this sort of venting can cause collateral damage, so is best kept away from if you’re fragile – maybe there should be a sign: Danger: Apollonian Gasket Ahead! 🙂

Nah… not really.

Better thought of as just letting off a little steam about things that make you say something like “Oh!, For Goodness Sake!”, or wonder of Common Sense has left the room, or the planet.

Expect one or two motoring related items too, although the theme may have given that possibility away already.

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