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New Jag XF TV ad hits the spot

Posted in Adverts, Noteworthy, Transport, TV with tags , , , on February 14, 2008 by Apollo

Reminiscent in some ways of the classic jeans adverts of many years ago, which provided something along the lines of entertainment, instead of the thinly veiled mindwarping, brainwashing tat that the likes of McGrotnalds and their kin sponsor, the advert being run to introduce the new shape Jaguar XF is almost refreshing in that it is a pleasure both see and hear.

And I don’t say that simply because it’s a Jag ad. While past offerings have been acceptable, they’re also a but boring, and don’t really rate a second look. Nor is it because it’s a car ad – I’m thoroughly unimpressed when Mazda’s more than tiresome, whispered Zoom-Zoom line makes yet another irritating appeatance, and Seat’s Auto-emicion clicky ads are less than inviting either, while Honda’s inspired, but tiresome a capella effort (where a group of ‘singers’ attempt to reproduce the sounds of a car journey) looks inspired the first time it is seen, but becomes increasingly corny and poor the more often it is repeated.

I haven’t managed to add a Jag to the stable, but I have been fortunate enough to get my hand on some for a while. I can’t get away from a certain favouritism for the XJ series, simply due to its appearance/shape, and the leather interior meant seat belts were compulsory, especially for those in the rear. More than once I had a pile of occupants in the rear (this was the time before wearing seat belts was compulsory) when powering round bends or roundabouts. Although I never had the chance to drive it outside the city centre, I also had hands on an XJ-S V12 6.0 litre, but never found a street where the ‘loud’ pedal could be pressed – such is life sometimes.

I don’t mind not having placed one in the stable, even second hand, the depreciation remains an atrocious cost of ownership. They’re still nice though.

Take your pick…