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More iCrap

Posted in Noteworthy, Tech, Venting with tags , , on October 29, 2007 by Apollo

While I may not be a great fan of Five’s Gadget Show, the first show (Monday October 29 2007) of the new series was a gem.

Pitting Apple’s iPhone against the Nokia N95 was one of the best examples seen so far of the way that any old rubbish can be served up to the mindless worshippers at the altar of the Holy i.

While anyone can be forgiven for wanting the best gadget around, that becomes a bit daft when it’s reduced to the name, look, and feel of the thing, and ignores how badly it actually does what it says on the tin. While the N95 got on with the jobs thrown at the two devices, and suffered only from the expected problems any Jack of All Trades throws up when trying to pack umpteen function in a tiny box, while the iPhone just flopped about all over the place, pushed its expensive veneered teeth (hiding the underlying decay) in our faces, and was little more than a shiny, glossy, failure.

Every time I see an i, all it says to me is? Why i?